Thursday, 29 September 2011

Still alive but I'm barely breathing...when a heart breaks it don't break even...

...they say bad things happen for a reason, but no wise words gonna stop the bleeding...


quizzzy quotes...

Hey yo - I updated the quotes page, check it out! Lots of good ones, and I'll stop slacking on it and keep them coming as there is nothing better than a good fresh quote! :)


Go watch the movie or read the book or both ya'll! It's been said "It could be one of the most important pieces of fiction since To Kill a Mockingbird". So if you get the chance watch or read it, you've got options! :)

Amazing Adele.

Adele's voice is a gift, it's an instrument all on it's own. She's pure, raw, honest, effortless musical talent. She was born to sing, and she can and does rely solely on her ability to create beautiful music instead of flaunting her feminine sexuality like so many other female artists do today. Unfortunately we all know sex sells, even if it is not talented. Adele hasn't succumb to this. So respecting her as an artist and as a woman is easy, especially when dealing with the music business these days which seems to capitalize more off barely there clothes, and raunchy visuals instead of quality musical talent.
Simply put - the pairing of her soulful voice and nostalgic lyrics gives me "the chest feeling" - you know what I am
 talking about, it's like your soul, heart, and mind are being touched at the same time and the feeling is overwhelming. Seeing her live would be unreal, the passion in her voice would never ring truer and more clear. Plus her piano player is a chocolate cutie pie!
That being said if you haven't heard of her or heard her tunes for some ridiculous reason, I would recommend both of her albums - "19" and "21" and if you get the chance to see her live jump at it! :)

Live performances...

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

NEW YORK Fashion Week | Sept 8-15 - Spring 2012

Betsey Johnson - Spring 2012

Carlos Miele - Spring 2012

BCBGMAXAZRIA - Spring 2012

Some of my favorite shows/spring 2012 collections...

Herve Leger By Max Azria Spring 2012 show -

Smashing Dishes, Making Light...

Hands down the coolest hanging light I've ever come across! When I get my swanky day, this light fixture (of smashed and scattered dishes) will be a staple in my humble abode. This pic is from my visit to the MOMA - once again one of my favorite places on earth! Told ya'll you must go, if they don't have something you love or at least like it would shock the shit out of me!!!

Da Prynce's Royal Flush 2 is G.O.O.D Music!

So it's been rumoured that Beyonce, a friend of Kanye West and the wife of Kanye's mentor Jay Z convinced West to sign Cyhi Da Prynce to his rapper/producer's G.O.O.D Music label, if this is true amen sister! The girl was on to something, and I am glad she spoke up! Cyhi Da Prynce appeared and gained attention on West's track "So Appalled" off his last solo album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and has been a growing force ever since. Prynce is gifted with a raw, rough, swag rich voice that enters your ears like sandpaper and comes out like velvet making it easy to identify the rapper and focus on his lyrical talent that lingers after listening - often causing a repeat listen so you can catch his easy flow all over again to see if you missed anything. His recent Mixtape "Royal Flush 2" has me walking with a decent stride, boppin my head, and defs smiling from time to time. Sampling everything from "Cold as Ice" by Foreigner to the Titanic soundtrack in his "Heartz Interlude" the humble ability to create something fresh and different yet comprehensive is evident with this Mixtape. Obviously working with great producers doesn't hurt! There's a diverse variety of beats but they are all consistent, it'll be a harder track to a smooth track but the underlying tones are all similar enough to follow, but varied enough to have a lil' something for everyone. Successfully showing the multiple sides of Prynce as an artist and as a person.
My favorite track from the start was "Woopty Doo" which has amazing instrumental qualities, like the horn which adds this old school swagger that just kills me and has me smirking from start to finish - big up to West and No I.D for the production of the track, but without the Prynce's thick juicy flow though the track just wouldn't be what it is - perfection. The whole notion of the track alone is refreshing. The idea that bragging about ballin' is useless, and these days with all the non stop bogus ballin' rhymes rappers be spitting, it really ain't all it's cracked up to be - "it don't mean shit" and retaliating with a "Woopty Doo" confirms it's nonsense. Simply put it's nice to hear an acknowledgement of how perhaps there is more to say than "Beamer, Benz and Bentley" or "I make it rain, diamonds and chains".
Big Sean jumps on it with the same attitude, which for me surprisingly paired up quite nicely. So all around success on the track and the Mixtape! Now that I have had the chance to give "Royal Flush 2" a solid listen, you can bet Prynce's latest Mixtape "Jack of all Trades" will be next on my list of listening! Once again Beyonce you are a boss, for proving girls do run the world - recognizing talent and telling the boys what the f*%k to do with it! ha! :)

Link to "Royal Flush 2", do yourself a favor and download it...

Drake & Tyga - Still Got it

Feeling this track from Drake & Tyga which was refreshing. I really haven't been feeling much from Drake since his album "Thank Me Later" so this was a pleasant surprise, it doesn't necessarily rock my socks off but it brings a smirk to my face and we all know a smirk is a good sign, so here it is...

His second studio album "Take Care" is set to be released October 24th, 2011. Here's hoping he's "still got it".

Shout out to "Fist in the Air" for the (full quality) link!!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Big Assed Barbie is BOGUS!

With her gimmicks and nonsense Nicki Minaj has everyone all over the planet fooled that she a creative talented. This hussy is nothing but tits and ass packaged in leopard print wigs and skin tight neon minis. If the girl could write a decent bar without having to dress it up with one of her many phony alter egos I could look past the "barbie" exterior and appreciate her for her skills, but she has got nothing but theatrics and throwaway Halloween costumes to keep her fans distracted and entertained which successfully takes the attention off her seriously lacking musical talent. I for one have a great respect for female artists trying to make it in the world of hip hop and rap which is dominated by males, but this ghetto princess lost my respect when she converted to a character out of a bad movie, multiple character in fact! There is no substance, or clever charm to her verses just bad word play and meaningless garbage! As a woman in her position it would be nice to see her toss away the block buster act and take the opportunity she has been given to say something real! Relying solely on being a recognized female MC in a world of mostly males will not stand the test of time, other female artists on the come up are sure you outshine her glamazon image with their talent not with their elaborate wigs, cleavage and of course her best known feature and biggest asset...her ass! Her album "Pink Friday" I can't even talk about, I couldn't even get through it. It's fluff, fake, fabricated nonsense. I don't want to give up hope for Nicki, but in the mean time I hope we can draw our attention away from the bright lights, neon colors, and bad hair to see some more praise worthy female MC's.
I recently came across a skinny white girl that calls herself "Kreayshawn", and some of her verses and nonchalant awkward swag was refreshing new and interesting. Best of all I don't know what she looks like naked! Her single "Gucci Gucci" has been getting mad attention and has gained her some nods from big name artists in the rap game. Although it's too early for me to give my opinion I thought I would share "Gucci Gucci" with ya'll so you can judge for yourself...

P.S. Nicki before she became a "Barbie"...

Monday, 26 September 2011

I finally got around to putting some of my poetry up under "Wizdom's Words". I'll try to keep em' coming! Hope you enjoy my ryhming mumbles of experience, if you are not 100% enlightened by my poetic worries you're none the wiser! ha! :)

White Girl Art Show Booked for August 2012!

My very first official art show has been finally accepted and booked for August 2012 BITCHES!!! YES!!! I need to get my shit together and get painting!!! How exciting!

Must Love MOMA!

Alright ya'll the only way I could think of to start off my art talk was with the one and only MOMA  located in the great city of New York! For those of you who don't know now you know - MOMA stands for Museum of Modern Art, and yes there are many modern works there but also a vast selection of classics that have paved the path of creativity throughout the years. I had the great pleasure of gracing the MOMA with my presence last year and it blew my artistic mind away! Housing most if not all of the great artists, and bringing new age fresh artistry in all different forms for your viewing pleasure the MOMA is simply a must. The stand out piece for me being Monet's "Water Lilies". To have studied this piece in art school and then to be able to see it's beauty in person was an indescribable experience I must say, and if you think I am being drastic then you must go for yourself and experience this magical collection of art, culture, and creativity. The wonderful people at the Museum even offer free entrance every Friday evening so there is always an opportunity for all to see what is new, old, and everlasting.
Check out the MOMA -

 "Water Lilies"

A few other pieces you might recognize...

"Starry Night" - Vincent van Gogh

"The False Mirror" - Rene Magritte

J COLE is hip hop magic!

So J Cole has been haunting me since he first came out with his first mixtape "The Come Up" followed by "The Warm Up" and of course his last mixtape "Friday Night Lights". Then I saw him live in Toronto a few weeks ago and he was killin' it, confirming my love for him was genuine! This boy has got unreal talent, he's lyrical, meaningful, clever I can't say enough and has now even dabbled in producing, helped do a few tracks for Kendrick Lamar (another one of my favorite great up and coming rap artists). Cole is now signed to Jay Z's label Roc Nation and his long awaited album entitled "Sideline Story" was set to be released on September 27th but it has been leaked!!! Fortunate for us, unfortunate for him I suppose...although I doubt it will do any harm to this young lads career! BIG album here is a link to the leaked album, brace yourself for some ear candy my friends!...

White Girls First Post

YOOOOO!!! This is my very first entry as I am guessing you can gather! I am starting this blog to share all the things I love on this planet! Mainly the things I am passionate about such at music, art, writing, creative type shit really! I'll share some of my own stuff also, as I write and paint...well I attempt to! :) I hope you enjoy it all and bare with me as I don't know much about blogging and it's a learn as I go type thaaanng! I appreciate any feed back you have! Cheers!