Thursday, 29 September 2011

Amazing Adele.

Adele's voice is a gift, it's an instrument all on it's own. She's pure, raw, honest, effortless musical talent. She was born to sing, and she can and does rely solely on her ability to create beautiful music instead of flaunting her feminine sexuality like so many other female artists do today. Unfortunately we all know sex sells, even if it is not talented. Adele hasn't succumb to this. So respecting her as an artist and as a woman is easy, especially when dealing with the music business these days which seems to capitalize more off barely there clothes, and raunchy visuals instead of quality musical talent.
Simply put - the pairing of her soulful voice and nostalgic lyrics gives me "the chest feeling" - you know what I am
 talking about, it's like your soul, heart, and mind are being touched at the same time and the feeling is overwhelming. Seeing her live would be unreal, the passion in her voice would never ring truer and more clear. Plus her piano player is a chocolate cutie pie!
That being said if you haven't heard of her or heard her tunes for some ridiculous reason, I would recommend both of her albums - "19" and "21" and if you get the chance to see her live jump at it! :)

Live performances...

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