Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Big Assed Barbie is BOGUS!

With her gimmicks and nonsense Nicki Minaj has everyone all over the planet fooled that she a creative talented. This hussy is nothing but tits and ass packaged in leopard print wigs and skin tight neon minis. If the girl could write a decent bar without having to dress it up with one of her many phony alter egos I could look past the "barbie" exterior and appreciate her for her skills, but she has got nothing but theatrics and throwaway Halloween costumes to keep her fans distracted and entertained which successfully takes the attention off her seriously lacking musical talent. I for one have a great respect for female artists trying to make it in the world of hip hop and rap which is dominated by males, but this ghetto princess lost my respect when she converted to a character out of a bad movie, multiple character in fact! There is no substance, or clever charm to her verses just bad word play and meaningless garbage! As a woman in her position it would be nice to see her toss away the block buster act and take the opportunity she has been given to say something real! Relying solely on being a recognized female MC in a world of mostly males will not stand the test of time, other female artists on the come up are sure you outshine her glamazon image with their talent not with their elaborate wigs, cleavage and of course her best known feature and biggest asset...her ass! Her album "Pink Friday" I can't even talk about, I couldn't even get through it. It's fluff, fake, fabricated nonsense. I don't want to give up hope for Nicki, but in the mean time I hope we can draw our attention away from the bright lights, neon colors, and bad hair to see some more praise worthy female MC's.
I recently came across a skinny white girl that calls herself "Kreayshawn", and some of her verses and nonchalant awkward swag was refreshing new and interesting. Best of all I don't know what she looks like naked! Her single "Gucci Gucci" has been getting mad attention and has gained her some nods from big name artists in the rap game. Although it's too early for me to give my opinion I thought I would share "Gucci Gucci" with ya'll so you can judge for yourself...

P.S. Nicki before she became a "Barbie"...

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