Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Da Prynce's Royal Flush 2 is G.O.O.D Music!

So it's been rumoured that Beyonce, a friend of Kanye West and the wife of Kanye's mentor Jay Z convinced West to sign Cyhi Da Prynce to his rapper/producer's G.O.O.D Music label, if this is true amen sister! The girl was on to something, and I am glad she spoke up! Cyhi Da Prynce appeared and gained attention on West's track "So Appalled" off his last solo album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and has been a growing force ever since. Prynce is gifted with a raw, rough, swag rich voice that enters your ears like sandpaper and comes out like velvet making it easy to identify the rapper and focus on his lyrical talent that lingers after listening - often causing a repeat listen so you can catch his easy flow all over again to see if you missed anything. His recent Mixtape "Royal Flush 2" has me walking with a decent stride, boppin my head, and defs smiling from time to time. Sampling everything from "Cold as Ice" by Foreigner to the Titanic soundtrack in his "Heartz Interlude" the humble ability to create something fresh and different yet comprehensive is evident with this Mixtape. Obviously working with great producers doesn't hurt! There's a diverse variety of beats but they are all consistent, it'll be a harder track to a smooth track but the underlying tones are all similar enough to follow, but varied enough to have a lil' something for everyone. Successfully showing the multiple sides of Prynce as an artist and as a person.
My favorite track from the start was "Woopty Doo" which has amazing instrumental qualities, like the horn which adds this old school swagger that just kills me and has me smirking from start to finish - big up to West and No I.D for the production of the track, but without the Prynce's thick juicy flow though the track just wouldn't be what it is - perfection. The whole notion of the track alone is refreshing. The idea that bragging about ballin' is useless, and these days with all the non stop bogus ballin' rhymes rappers be spitting, it really ain't all it's cracked up to be - "it don't mean shit" and retaliating with a "Woopty Doo" confirms it's nonsense. Simply put it's nice to hear an acknowledgement of how perhaps there is more to say than "Beamer, Benz and Bentley" or "I make it rain, diamonds and chains".
Big Sean jumps on it with the same attitude, which for me surprisingly paired up quite nicely. So all around success on the track and the Mixtape! Now that I have had the chance to give "Royal Flush 2" a solid listen, you can bet Prynce's latest Mixtape "Jack of all Trades" will be next on my list of listening! Once again Beyonce you are a boss, for proving girls do run the world - recognizing talent and telling the boys what the f*%k to do with it! ha! :)

Link to "Royal Flush 2", do yourself a favor and download it...

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