Monday, 26 September 2011

Must Love MOMA!

Alright ya'll the only way I could think of to start off my art talk was with the one and only MOMA  located in the great city of New York! For those of you who don't know now you know - MOMA stands for Museum of Modern Art, and yes there are many modern works there but also a vast selection of classics that have paved the path of creativity throughout the years. I had the great pleasure of gracing the MOMA with my presence last year and it blew my artistic mind away! Housing most if not all of the great artists, and bringing new age fresh artistry in all different forms for your viewing pleasure the MOMA is simply a must. The stand out piece for me being Monet's "Water Lilies". To have studied this piece in art school and then to be able to see it's beauty in person was an indescribable experience I must say, and if you think I am being drastic then you must go for yourself and experience this magical collection of art, culture, and creativity. The wonderful people at the Museum even offer free entrance every Friday evening so there is always an opportunity for all to see what is new, old, and everlasting.
Check out the MOMA -

 "Water Lilies"

A few other pieces you might recognize...

"Starry Night" - Vincent van Gogh

"The False Mirror" - Rene Magritte

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