Thursday, 20 October 2011

Nicki Minaj DISS - Keys | That Betch is CRAZY

Okay so I don't know if ya'll know about Key's "Nicki Minaj Diss" but the girl went in on poor little Minaj! Which I personally think is completely justified. I have been hating on Nicki since the beginning of time. So I started to feel like I didn't have enough education on her to fairly say what I got to say about the girl. So I did some research, to not be so damn ignorant. In the end I came out with the same conclusion that Nicki uses theatrics, costumes, and antics to get her fans attention, she's an actress, which is exactly what she is. She went to Laguardia School of arts and majored in drama. Her voice wasn't good enough to get her into the music program. I watched a documentary on her and in doing so I gained a tad more respect for her just by understanding where and what she came from. However, how I felt about her as an artist/person now as "Nicki Minaj" didn't budge ".
Here is Key's diss of her...

Here's Minaj freaking out about things not being up to her standard, when she's forgotten who she is and that she came from a struggling family in Queens...

I get it, women have to "be a beast" to make it, or get what they want, or whatever...but the girl is trippin' with a pink wig doing her make up losing her SHIT ya'll! I just don't understand how people can buy into this bullshit! She is a Broadway special that is for sure!

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