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Dr.Pimp Himself | Talent + Comical Creativity + Inspired by Rap and Sex = Art

This unique artists hales from Germany, to create something fresh, completely different, and undoubtedly interesting - from older classic portraits, to fantasy illustration, to new radical comic characters, and even touching on political comics. He is diverse with no limits - which I love. We chatted about his creations and inspirations...

Where are you from originally?
I am actually a pure German straight 2 the bone. I was born in raised in Cologne - The Westside of Germany, in a block called Bocklahoma these days. Now I live in Wuppertal, DoubleUupperValley known as "Fabulous Wutal".

How long have you been doing art/comics?
I made my first comic at the age of 11. It was about climate change, ozone decreasing environmental story mixed with strange story of a time portal build up by the Maya. Very sick story and the character already looked somehow like Dr. Pimp.
The second comic was a collaboration with Marcus who is now working as a chief engineer for LEGO. Japp Japp and I developed my current style in 2001/2002/2003.

What inspired you to create your characters and art?
Mostly I am inspired by sexuality and rap. I am not sure, what influenced me more. But I adopt the typical work flow of using raps. Just see a portion of music and straight react on it. At the moment I just let myself go on portraying rap stars, when I hear a certain song. Right on from this moment I got a clear picture, how an illustration will look at the end.

Who are your favourite rap artists?
Speedball Jordan, Dre D, E-40, Too Short, Ice Cube, Cali Bear Gang, Yung Gatlin, Redman, Easy E, Geto Boys etc far 2 much 2 mention all. 

What is the concept behind Dr. Pimp?
Its a complete new art project just combining music and illustration artwork just to achieve new goals like in the beginning days of hip hop with the challenge to form completely new combination in media. Combined with video also. That's the concept - word up. Dr. Pimps Lab is not just my own site as an artist - its more Dr. Pimps website and he is from Transylvania, Romania.

Cool so he's like a created character? Or alter ego?
Indeed he is a created character nothing in common with me naw.

Dr. Pimps Four Man Crew

Did you study art formally or have any classic training?
I never studied art, I studied Psychology. I am a psychologist with a diploma, no one never ever told me how 2 draw - I am a complete autodidact. But I was inspired by comics of mostly Robert Crumb. Ohh man I adore that shit. For me Robert is definitely the best illustrator of the decade. Moreover I was a fiend of Alex Raymond, Jean Claude Mezieres, Enki Bilal and the fabulous Don Lawrence "Storm" one of the best made comic series. Japp Japp that was my artificial world of mind. Straight 2 the brain.

Have you had any shows of your work? Where can people see more of your work?
I had a gallery in 2007/09 I think it was - but it was not my business. I don't have the right target group here in my hometown, so I prefer using facebook and the magazine I am working for as chief editor together with a German rap artist known as "Seng". 

You can see more information and work by "Stefan" who also goes by "Where Wolf" - but prefers to stay anonymous using Dr. Pimp and his lab to produce his artistic creations - on the above mentioned links. 

Earlier portrait work (my personal favourites)...


The comical creations...

Getting political...

Beauty Sketch...

My favourite little fantasy characters...


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