Monday, 19 December 2011

Lauryn Hill Unplugged - Interlude 5 | Talks Truth

I was listening to Lauryn Hill's "Unplugged" today while I was painting, which I do more often than not when I am painting and this interlude just hit me. The whole live performance album speaks to my soul but something about this interlude just got me today. So much truth and honestly about everything from her music, to her relationships, and just life in general. She is so raw and in love with reality. It's refreshing to hear. I wanted to share it with ya'll, Enjoy...

This album is one of my favourites if not my all time favourite and it still teaches me something every time I listen to it, and I listen to it a lot. So if you haven't heard the album, get it, listen to it, YouTube it. I know I may have mentioned Lauryn and this album before, but it's a staple in my life. Happy listening and learning. :)

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