Friday, 24 February 2012

Happy belated Grammy's . . .

So I didn't mention much about the Grammy's. I sort of felt like with everything that surrounded this years event it would be kind of cliche. Yes we know the horrible news about Whitney overshadowed the event, and Nicki Minaj embarrassed herself, and Adele stole the show with 6 awards (which she deserves). This we all know. I think I've sadly lost interest in the Grammy's because it has lost it's substance, it's original meaning to me - recognizing and celebrating quality music.
These days it's some sort of circus freak show focused on calculated theatrics, who can get the most attention and publicity, who's going to make the best headline, wtf are people wearing, etc . . . gossip.
The Award Show once the pinnacle of music recognition is now another outlet for gossip/publicity/nonsense. It's lost it's sparkle, it's prestige. It struck me . . . where are the next Whitney's? We have lost a great voice and talent. Often identified as a "national treasure" to be replaced by Nicki Minaj? Yikes! What is the music world coming to!?
What I got out of the Grammy's this year is Adele is a champ, good for Jen Hudson for covering "I Will Always Love you" in a tribute to the great Houston, Nicki is still ridiculous bullshit, Chris Brown still want's to be the next MJ regardless of being on probation, and these two gals are the best red carpet correspondents ever . . .

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