Monday, 6 February 2012

New poetry, valentines day, new random ishh, snoop dawg portrait, new painting local . . . dope!

I've posted new poetry finally!!! A few pieces that seem to be inspired by the upcoming day of love, Valentines Day . . . damn you February. I don't know what's come over me but it's apparent I was feeling ooey gooey! So feel free to snoooop on some word play about love and other drugs on the "My Poetry" page! Speaking of "Snoop" I also updated "Random Isshh" once again with plenty of inspiring visionary type issshhh including a primordial portrait of Snoop Dawgy Dawg himself (which I love), and of course just some simply cool images that put a smirk or two, maybe even three on my face and hopefully yours! :)
In other exciting news I've been invited to hang my paintings at a new location! A select few of my new paintings will be finding a temporary home at my favourite local bookstore "Well Read Books"! Yay! I will be going down this week to decorate the walls for public perusing pleasure (and purchasing). If you are down and around there pop in and check them out! Did I mention they are for sale . . . winky winky. 
Cheerio cherished chaps! 

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