Monday, 20 February 2012

Rambling: Patience is a virtue . . .

Patience . . . I need patience. With my man/relationship situation. With my health struggle. With my art career. With life. Deep breath of patience. I have never been good with patience and I hate the quote/advice/words/cliche "Patience is a virtue". Probably because the truth of it is annoying when life serves you with nothing but the need for patience, and you have everything but.
I am a do it, and want it now kind of person which has landed me in the position I am at now...forced to be patient. Life is too short for patience I often think, but without it we let opportunities slip away or miss them all together. So for now I'll continue with patience. Another deep breath of patience. How many more times can I say patience before I begin to have it?

1 comment:

  1. Also the story of my life. We'll get there. :)

    I've come up with my new motto: "Everyday is my new "normal.'" It almost helps.

    Love you