Monday, 19 March 2012

Better late than never: Wiz's "Taylor Allderdice" Mixtape . . .

So I realize this came out more than a few days ago, but as I've previously mentioned I've been ill people. blaahhh. Ok enough sob story bullshit. Before I was down and out I did get a chance to have a little listen to Wiz  Khalifa's highly anticipated mixtape that recently dropped. The beats had me mesmerized. Let's leave it at that for now, and the rest can be up to you to decide! To peak your interest, Amber Rose his now fiance does have a feature...ohhh snap! Bam.

You can stream or download it here.

I haven't really given much attention to Wiz but after having a listen to this mixtape, I became a little more curious about Wizzy boy and ended up YouTubing a bunch of his interviews, etc - this is what I do when curiosity kills my cat so to speak - don't judge. Anyway it lead me to a new found conclusion that he seems to be a seriously nice guy. A warm hearted, loving, humble dude. I like that. :)
When I was creeping YouTube as I mentioned earlier I stumbled upon this little v-day interview of Wiz and his boo which was cute, so I thought I'd share it with ya'll, feel the love . . .

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