Monday, 12 March 2012

Guilty confessions continued . . .

These days I'd rather drink/go for coffees than beers. I am lame.
I hate when friends ignore you while they're texting on their phones, but I fear I do it more than most. Hypocrite.
I have an addiction to McCafe Skinny Mochas, and I worry that when I pull out of the drive through I am going to be seen by someone I know and they are going to think I am eating Big Macs everyday.
Also Starbucks Non Fat Chai Lattes could fall under the same category, I feel guilty spending so much money on coffee when there are children starving in the world. FML.
I hate clearing the snow off my car after a big dump of flakes, so I often say "fuck it" and hope that the wind will blow it off in time for me to see clearly - before having to make big turns or swerve to avoid a dog or child.
I text while I drive. $250 fine. eeeek. Really gotta stop that one because that is the last thing I want to spend $250 on. Have you seen the Gucci Python Pumps (here) I am saving for!
I avoid people in the super market (who doesn't?).
My first pair of ugg boots are so old sometimes they make my feet smell, but I subconsciously refuse to toss them even though I own two other new(ish) pairs.
I love cocoa teddy Graham's.
I secretly wish I could rock a fur coat with out feeling like a guilty idiot.
I don't know how to use Skype. I must be the last person on earth without a Skype account.
I drool when I sleep. Sometimes.

more soon . . .

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  1. Oh. My. God. We can't be friends, you drool!
    Bawhaha! You're funny!