Friday, 9 March 2012

Guilty confessions . . .

I don't wash my bedding as much as I should. It's such a task to get my double duvet back in its cover.
I buy fashion magazines and end up ebaying or blogging instead of reading them. So they end up sitting in a stack on my night stand in hopes of getting a glance (iPads fault for being such an amazing distraction).
I eat apples/chocolate/etc in bed now and again. I know lots of ppl do this, but combined with my first confession it makes for a tricky combo.
I have an addiction to expensive handbags, sunglasses, and shoes. This I think is excusable because frankly doesn't every girl? I just have follow through. Ha!
I hate cleaning the bathroom.
I like doing laundry. Sshhhh.
I let my dog Charlie on my bed for snuggles in the morning, when the day before I could have killed him.
I watch the cute boys at the gym out of the corner of my eye. The whole time keeping a smug sweaty look.
I secretly wish high heals were as comfy as sneakers and instantly made me a size 2. Seriously.

Ones thing is for sure - my bed takes some serious abuse. More guilty confessions later . . .


  1. Acabo de descubrir tu blog, me ha encantado y te sigo!te dejo el mío y si te gusta te espero como seguidora :)