Thursday, 29 March 2012

Innovative Art: Brand Spirit - Andrew Miller . . .

 U.S. Dollar Bill
 Scotch Tape
 Music Tape
Ketchup Packet

"Every day for 100 days, I will paint one branded object white, removing all visual branding, reducing the object to its purest form. Each object may be purchased for less than $10, something I own, something another person gives me, or something I find." - Andrew Miller, a brand strategist, says of his project, Brand Spirit

Makes you think...when common objects are stripped of all their colors and labels, can you still recognize them, do they hold the same value, are we addicted to brands? Such an interesting commentary on consumerism and our society.


  1. Hi dear! Don't know if you remember but we had a wee chat via IFB message.. anyways, I simply fell in love with your blog and your wit.
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  2. Yes of course I remember ! Thanks for the kind words and the follow. Enjoy!