Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rambling: New brush is the bomb! . . .

So yesterday after contemplating for like an hour I finally bit the bullet and bought a new hair brush. The one I was using had been brought up from the minor leagues of my high school years, via the bathroom drawer after my previous one bit the dust (hard). To put it simply - it was, and still is old and ratty as fuck.
In true indecisive form, I debated on the brush forever. This is how pathetic my life has become. 15 bucks for a new brush or stick with the throw back piece of shit was the quizzical question that caused an eternal decision. Eventually I convinced myself that the old brush had officially seen it's day and could return to it's "back up" status, and my cheap ass I got the fresh boy (obviously). Hot dignity damn was it worth it! After using what seems to be a string of absolutely trashy hair brushes this new brush is revolutionary and slightly unreal. My hair is silky smooth after a blow out and if it could, it would have a huge shit eating grin on its face to match mine. It must be the ion power of the brush, or perhaps it's gel handle and purple power color. Either way I don't care I am happy, it's a new day! Oh the little things in life can bring such joy, isn't it amazing?! Cheers :)

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