Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rambling: Painting gets a print . . .

FINALLY!!! I have prints available, and they are lovely! High quality issshhh. I am stoked, because I was worried that the prints wouldn't capture the color and design of my original pieces. Alas I may worry no more! :)  Damn that grumpy old man at the print shop for causing me stress, patience is not my most abundant quality (as you may have read here). He needs lessons on how to smile and how to use a phone. I will (for the time being) look beyond these minor flaws though as I am grateful for the quality work he did! I am hoping that the fact that my contact info at the print shop was updated will lead to less waiting and more contacting for future printing requests. ha! I feel one step closer to being . . . (in Tyra Banks voice) Canada's Next Top Artist. ha!

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