Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Rambling: Steam room bliss . . .

Recently I've had a cold that has been kickin' my Latte loving ass. Also my gym recently got their steam room up and running! "What the eff do these things have to do with each other" you are wondering . . . well my persistent cold forced me to finally once again reunite with my dear old friend Mr. Steam Room!
Good lord I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Literally, and I am not religious - therefore I really don't even know if there is a heaven or what it would be or feel like. Regardless if there is a heaven, a quality steam is what I imagine it to be like.
It's the only place where my body is restful and my mind at peace. As if once I step into the warm wet air everything else just fades away. All the tension and stress throughout your body exits when you enter, and continues to do so along with sweaty toxins. I had forgotten how valuable that is, and how much I need and cherish it. It heals not only my body but my mind, which for me and perhaps most people is very rare. I sat there amazed at how clear and calm my mind was.
I used to steam all the time after long runs at the gym, or at the pool. I'd rotate between hot tub and steam to ease sore muscles and a tired body. Not aware at the time of all the benefits. Too busy bodied and/or monkey minded to realise or understand the impact on my physical and mental.
It's funny too because the only other women that I've run into in the steam room recently are older woman. As if they are the only others wise enough to relish in everything that I've just described and recognised this ritual to be. A simple act that so easily and simply one of the best things in life and for life. Their conversations are always an unlikely combination of interesting, minimal, calming, humbling and priceless. Another rare thing to cherish about the steam room experience. One woman called it her "reward" after a workout, and another didn't want to leave it to have to return home to cook dinner. I smirked at both revelations.
After my first "comeback" to steaming, I left with clear skin, clear sinuses, eased muscles, a smile, and most importantly peace of mind. A complete state of bliss if you ask me.
I am sure some of you may read this and think "it's just a steam room, this b*itch is crazy" but I dare you to take some time out of your busy life to enter it's embrace and  feel it's sincere serenity.
On that note, I am off to steam . . .

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