Thursday, 19 April 2012

Art: The Wondrous World of Chris Millar . . .

Yesterday I finally got my chance to check out the local  Art Gallery of Alberta. Although the gallery was small, a direct reflection of the arts and culture of this town - it was a nice taste or creativity, old and new. An exhibition entitled, The Untimely Transmogrification of the Problem by local wunderkind Chris Millar was worth the visit alone. I have never seen anything like it, nor witnessed creativity, precision, innovative skill and imagination combined in such an artistic way. How someone can even fathom producing this type of work is baffling to me. He takes the use of paints to a whole new level, structurally and technically to create a strange miniature world of sculptured comical genius. 

"Although the works look psychedelic and look totally wacky, I don't use any sort of drugs at all" ~ Chris Millar. This answered my first question after viewing his work. 

Curator Nancy Tousley writes:
"A natural born storyteller, Millar sprinkles his sculptures, which are made almost entirely of paint, with visual clues to the questions of who and what, and even what might happen next, if their frozen moment in time were to melt. His paintings, on the other hand, are dense mixtures of images and words in which everything happens at once."

His pieces are difficult to see in pictures, as in person the assistance of magnifying glasses are recommended to take in the detail. Regardless, here are some of his works . . .

 This Piece - "Connect Four" includes a mini rendition of the game, a helicopter created out of Doritos, a ladder made out of Haysticks (I think that's what the snack is called), and a pyramid made of Potato Chips (either Lays or Old Dutch). My fave piece - probably because my simple brain can creatively comprehend it. 

 Most pieces tell a multitude of stories.

This piece features human finger sushi sculpted out of paint. Yummm. 

At the Art Gallery of Alberta the works are mounted on dark walls surrounded by painted twinkles.

 This piece has tiny birdhouses sculpted out of paint. Madness.

The whole experience was other worldly, the photographs don't do it justice. If you are in the area definitely go check it out. I am sure you could spend hours looking at every piece, it's different parts, stories, characters, etc. Check out -- interview/opening -- with the artist for more info. It sheds a lot of light. 

I also managed to track down some graffiti yesterday! The so called "graffiti zone" located between two LRT stations. I met a few curious characters, but more importantly snapped a shitload of pictures for an upcoming project that I have brewing. More on that coming (pictures included) in a soon to be post - keep your eyes peeled. :) 

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