Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Graffiti Zone Photo Shoot + Project . . .

As I mentioned in previous posts (here) - while I was in Etown I planned to mix a little bit of business with pleasure and locate some local graffiti. In hopes to capture it photog style for an upcoming idea which has been brewing in my mysterious mind. With a bit of research, navigating, and luck I managed to do just that. I found out about a "graffiti zone", a spot designated for graffiti by the city to try and contain it and "clean up the city" . . . which I think it ludicrous for a multitude of reasons. The city needs to work on a lot of other aspects of it's cleanliness, and if they think street art and social expression is the first problem to be solved, they are in trouble.
For one, after investigating the arts and cultures of the city of Edmonton I came to the complete conclusion that they don't have any. Two, graffiti is a way for the people to voice/express themselves, it's like a cry from an ignored child. In this case it seems once again society is the neglected child, and the government the ill fitted parent. Three, the artistry and creativity of street art is highly complex, layered and undervalued. It is not recognized as an art form, because it is so misunderstood (often like the people). It fascinates me.
So the project that is brewing bubbles in my brain, is the idea of documenting these street works in a way that will bring them into a different light and focus. My plan is to photograph graffiti all over Canada and even the United States (if all goes as planned). From all different locations, viewpoints, compositions, styles, and present them in a gallery setting. Bringing them into a formal setting, will change the perception of graffiti as and art form and as a voice.
My journey for this project begins with this first shoot, enjoy and comments are welcome . . .

Some close up shots for you to see the layers, and potential of abstracts - beautiful colors. A few comical characters you might recognize - pop influences. The detail and ability of some of these artists = amazing. More to come :)

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