Monday, 30 April 2012

Guilty Confessions: lost count, rambles . . .

I like spending time alone. A lot. Or with Charlie (when he is quiet). People have too much to say about nothing and nothing to say about something.
I like chocolate soy milk.
Love scares me but it's the only thing I really need. Prada, Gucci, Michael Kors, Coach, J Crew, etc although quite the opposite of scary, will not fill that void.
I value my few true real friends more than they know.
Pb and J = my comfort food. It reminds me of my Dad.
I've had a girl crush on Penelope Cruz since forever. Beautiful, natural, original, sexy and classy.
My heart wants to love many but only one actually resides there.
Cotton panties are my new favorite. One word. Breathable.
My poetry has been shit ever since we parted (you know who you are).
I really want those fuchsia Oxford flats. But I can't be ridiculous. Can I?
How would we live our life differently if we knew we were going to die tomorrow? I would buy the Oxford suede flats that are screaming my name.
My car is filthy. Needs an oil change and another check up, and it's summer tires. Poor bastard.

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