Sunday, 1 April 2012

Guilty confessions verse 3: Stuffy's and Gucci Python . . .

I still sleep with stuffed animals. Three to be exact. Pete the Pimp, Cheeky Monkey, and Magic Dog. Cheeky is a collectors item/monkey (you know with the old school attached limbs) purchased in England so that's justified. Magic dog is actually just a magic bag disguised as a dog. He eases aching muscles and cools fevers - very magical. Pete stole his red and green striped tie from a previous bear who is no longer with us. He's a pimp, he keeps the others in line. Clearly this confession is excusable after that explanation. I hope.

This next confession is slyly placed with/under the above confession in hopes to successfully mask it from folks that will "tisk tisk" - i.e. Mom. You may remember awhile back when I lusted over some Gucci python pumps (see here). Well I tracked down a pair in my size, and like the amazing yet bank debilitating shopper I am - I bargained my ass off for a decent price. So how could I not purchase my dream come true after that type of success? At least that is what I asked myself to justify clicking the "pay now" button on paypal. When they arrived this week, I swear it was like the anticipation that accompanies the expectation of a new born. I was almost scared to open up the package. Almost. The box alone was beautiful, and the shoes inside were individually wrapped. Once free they had me at hello, and ready to propose a life time of happiness after a brief inspection. Pure sartorial magic. Who needs a husband when you have Gucci python . . .

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  1. AAAHHH!!! I am so jealous! I wouldn't be able to wear them. I can't wear any shoe that I love in fear of damaging them! Oh, you are so lucky!