Monday, 16 April 2012

Mindbender + Victoria Secret + Born To Be Wild + etc. . .

Sweet chocolate chips my adventure has been a terrifying, tear jerking, bank breaking success! The best news is its not over yet.

Even though I've been sick and fighting a head cold that could be compared to zombie like side effects . . . I tackled/relived my childhood nightmare that is the "Mindbender". The roller coaster that had me screaming "I'm gonna die" at a tender age while my brother laughed his ass off. After conquering it once again years later I have come to the conclusion that it's actual name should be "Mindfuck", but they had to make it pg for the little kiddies. Devious really. After that I headed to the new ride with a title that had something to do with "orbit". It was alright but what was more entertaining were the two youngsters (who must of been 12) that accompanied me. One said he wasn't scared then proceeded to scream like a dying cat, and the others eyeballs nearly burst out of his head. All and all both of our lives flashed before our eyes, and all of us were young and brave at heart. Thrill ride triumph.

For a more tamer and perhaps less traumatizing topic (at least for me). I've shopped. Thanks to Victoria Secret I now have a new line up of underwear and can seriously edit my panty drawer. That's putting it politely - really I can now toss the holey, worn and torn, old ass, etc panties that have been on their last leg for . . . awhile. Maybe this will be the final solution to my "why can't I keep a man?" situation. That along with my phobia of commitment - but that everlasting story is for another post.

Victoria Secret is not only the only store that quenched my fashion craving. I hit Zara and fell in love with a beautiful maxi skirt. I circled the store three times like a hyena in heat, until I finally indulged in the lovely flowing peach/nude floor length garment. I've been super into maxi's for spring but haven't found the right one until now. I also got a color block maxi dress (purples of course) from Gap, which was a pleasant surprise. Comfortable and chic. All things Maxi can now officially be checked off my list. Of course a few other shops tickled my sartorial fancy, but if I elaborated any further we'd be here for days. I will say that Armani Exchange forced me to revisit, as a cute cropped silk jacket haunted my memory and needed to be mine. I've even managed to keep my shopping spirit alive without physically participating - I currently have two pairs of shoes on hold. I couldn't decide. Shit, my finances are once again being trumped by the vicious monster that is - shopping addiction. A cautionary tale indeed.

On to a less vain, consumer driven, and more important to our world topic. I had the pleasure of seeing "Born To Be Wild" at the Science Centers IMAX theater. To firstly sum up the experience - I cried. The film documents different, yet parallel stories. Two separate women, two different places, different animals but the same mission. For one a life long devotion to rescuing orphaned orangutans in Borneo, Indonesia. The other orphaned elephants in Kenya. Fragile creatures that have fallen victim to the cruelties of the the human population. Left motherless and helpless, because of poaching, and deforestation. Watching this film, I got thinking about the irony. How I was sitting in an IMAX theater watching women dedicate their lives to saving endangered species, that were being endangered by me. By me, I mean human beings, by human beings I mean you. I felt a strange mixture of sadness and joy that lasted after the film credits rolled. Sad that we as a species feel so entitled to the world and everything that inhabits it, that we are endangering the lives of other species. Sad because we now need hero's like these woman to mend the damage that we have initially and continuously created, and almost a guilty sad to be sitting in a huge theater being entertained by these facts. Joy came only because these extraordinary woman. Who hold so much value in these beautiful creatures, and so lovingly and genuinely recognize the importance of the natural world and all it's residents. They give a sense of hope, and hope brings joy. I highly recommend seeing this if you have the opportunity. For the official site clickity click here. DO it.

As I conclude I'll leave you with a few simple summarizing thoughts - be young at heart, scare yourself from time to time, buy new underwear, money comes and goes, and love our furry and in some cases not so furry friends.

One week left. Coldplay tomorrow night - oh music, my one true love. We shall meet again soon, in the flesh.

Cheers from Etown. XO

P.S. Watch the trailer for "Born To Be Wild" . . .