Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New Video: Goapele "Tears On My Pillow" . . .

“Tears On My Pillow”– the pure, traditional R&B house-bringer-downer from our spiritual sister Goapele‘s comeback LP Break of Dawn–gets a well-deserved video. Simple, classy and heartbreakingly beautiful…an accurate description of both the song and the singer. Either way, watch above and get yourself sorted by purchasing Break of Dawn on iTunes.


  1. I felt closer to you when I read your description! I'm a boring lawyer, but I don't feel me like that at all! Sometimes, I think I am an asleep person while I'm working and I begin my day, my real life while I'm dreaming, ecxatly because I love music, art, fashion... Crazy!!!!

    It is a touching song! Oh that the rhythm...

    Happy Easter,

    1. Lovely thing to say! Life is interesting.

      Cheers! WGW