Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Traveling Touch Down . . .

Yo yo and hello from the gloomy city. So far I've hit the cineplex, indulged in the mandatory fro-yo (frozen yogurt), hit Pita Pit for some throw back college days soul food, got tickets to Coldplay next tues, visited NAIT campus, and shopped. I needed new underwear and zoom lash mascara like a hooker on pay day. Of course those necessities turned into an afternoon at the mall, and a multitude of purchases.
I've been here for a day and a half - shit is happenin' and gettin' done! My list has been cut in half in a record breaking one and a half days. Bam! Plus Coldplay should be bomb, gotta love fly by the seat of your pants type decisions. Indulge when you can - especially when it comes to music.
Remaining list items are something along the lines of . . . locate some more graffiti to shoot, ride the roller coaster, take in some art galleries, and most likely shop more - maybe for painting supplies. Plus of course all the unmentionable things. Good times. :)
Peace and love from Etown.


  1. cool:o

    Roxalne's sisters

  2. underwear and zoomlash! This is how I know we are friends.

    1. haha! Yes :) I went for vicky c's, and waterproof - ohhh snap! Waterproof was inspired by the mass amount of sweat that was dripping off me on the second flight to get here, and Victoria Secret . . . well I needed to feel sexy. xo Miss ya!