Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Unbridled Gift Of Rhyme Engaging Your Thoughts . . .

These wordsmiths sent me their music via email about a week ago, and I finally got around to having a solid listen. I was impressed - hence why I am posting it. :)

'TUGREYT (pronounced "too great"), is a Chicago-based emcee duo consisting of artists, Amplified & D.Adduci. TUGREYT is an acronym standing for The Unbridled Gift of Rhyme Engaging Your Thoughts. Their debut project entitled The BlindVoice, represents every person who goes unheard in everyday life. Everyone has visions, but some are burdened through expression & struggle to turn their dreams to reality. These two artists strive to connect with regular, real people and be the voice for those who lack one.
The origins behind the album name also possess dual meaning from their perspective as artists. Nowadays, the music industry tends to gravitate towards image rather than the words being said or the message conveyed. If you lack the ideal image, your voice goes unheard. It’s not what is said anymore, it’s how society perceives you. True artistry gets neglected, honest expression goes unseen. Invisible to the industry; simply existing through voice in a world which revolves around an image…they are The Blind Voice.'

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