Friday, 4 May 2012

Forest Green . . .

Recently I hit a stalemate on a new painting, that is the first of a series of tree paintings. This mysterious root bound tree was coming to as imagined, until a struggle with the background. It just wasn't working the way I'd hoped color wise and design wise - so basically not at all. ha! I took to the forest to do a little "research", and to indulge in a so called nature hike. These photo's were what came of that. Once the trees became the subject of my focus and curiosity their colors, textures, and presence was fascinating. They have so much character and charisma, (not to mention patience for growth and value for fresh oxygen) which is ignored on a daily basis. My camera is a nice escape when paints are being difficult and my brushes are being a bitch. Hope you enjoy the shots. :) 


  1. Nice pics...hope the hike has inspired you!

    1. Thanks Danny boy! Come visit and I'll give you the first hand experience! :) xo