Sunday, 13 May 2012

Guilty Confessions: childhood edition . . .

Jolly Ranchers.
Family Matters, & Fresh Prince. Now that I think about it, that's probably where my love for chocolate men started. Hmm younger than I had originally anticipated, but not surprising.
Purple unicorn rainbow bedding.
I hated Brussels sprouts, I would gag when I ate them.  Love them now.
Pop tarts. Thought they were somehow nutritious.
Fruit Loops.
Boys. How gross but curious at the same time.
Bugging my dad on purpose when he was watching hockey. Just to see how far I could push it till his love for the game took over, and he whooped my ass.
Reading my moms romance novels. Just for the dirty parts of course.
Pretending I was Harriet The Spy.
Pretending the lawn animals/ornaments were alive - they were funner to play with that way.
Fruit Of The Loom. Cotton undies!
Light up sneakers. Flashy.
Stirrup sweatpants my grandma got for me so I had to wear them. Horrible. Even at that age I knew better.
Stealing my brothers quad for adventures behind our house (we lived in the country).
Flipping my brothers quad (adventures got extreme).
Pretending my 25 year old quarter horse Rebel was a race horse. Really we only galloped and probably never ever touched any type of serious speed, but man it was fun to be a jockey.
The list of childhood confessions is endless . . .

Happy Mothers Day!

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