My Poetry

Sucker for a Pucker

This melodic meditative kiss,
is positively perpetual bliss.
Tickles to my tiniest of toes,
relieving my worries and woes.
Magical music to my mouth,
freeing calculated control of myself.
Oh' what a pleasurable pucker,
simply a soul serenaded sucker.

Man Made Man

Miraculous man made man,
with the most beautiful hardworking hands.
A courageous cocoa creature,
this curiously captivating character.
A presence so purely peaceful,
mysteriously, majestic and mindful.
Confidently calm and captivating,
with wary warm words of wonder.
Miraculous man made man,
with the most beautiful hardworking hands.

Roach Coach

Oh what a savory roach.
Truly my favorite life coach.
Perhaps were both guilty.
 Sometimes a tad filthy.
But together we soothe,
with almost nothing to lose.
Freedom from monkey mind,
this roach is oh so kind.
Thanks once again to my wonderful coach,
for showing me the relevant ropes.

Society Surrender

Stand aside, out of the way.
Simply surrender and always obey.
Scantily scurry like a maze mouse,
to pay off the remortgages house.

Taking our place in tumultuous time.
Avoiding any other race or kind.
All creatures existing under one sky,
even those who famously flutter and fly.

Hearing what silenced tongues have to say.
Oh that would be a revolutionary day.
Staying blind to all that is real.
Our fate is to be signed and sealed.

Questions Granted

I'll grant you one wish.
If it is a hope for the truth.
A wish won't give you the answers,
the any quantity of questions.
When will confusion become clarity?
Understanding become believing?
Unknowns become known?
If questions are what you have.
Wishes are not what you need.
Answers are what you should seek.
Which will not be found easily,
nor written in books that you read.

A Reasonable Request

Wake me up when I believe,
and ultimately able to see.
Make my humble heart beat,
and the air pure to breathe.
May courage meet strength,
and stretch faith to new lengths.
Like the ever changing seasons,
may this riddle have reasons.

The Canyon

Into the canyon I go,
knowing what awaits me below.
I take a deep breath, and open my eyes.
My heart completes a beat,
and I feel alive.

I can hear a soft swift sound,
water rushing to it's end.
Washing my sorrows away.
Again I am calm and able to see,
the feeling is love undoubtedly.

The Magic in Organic

Confused we both stand,
clenching each other's hand.
Perplexed by our own magic,
that evaporates the tragic.
Feeling trumps knowing,
like whimsical wind blowing.
Releasing all pain and panic,
this sumptuous sense of organic.


Once again all alone flying home,
the marvellous planet I'll forever roam.
Memories flood my veins to my heart,
familiar clouds remind me we had to part.

The beats bring temporary distraction,
but I can't help but miss the satisfaction.
With life so short, so steady and quick,
what a waste of time spending it soul sick.

The minutes, the hours, the endless days,
with you at my fingertips I would save.
A mere use for numbers is all time would be,
for finding this love is like finding life's key.

Old Souls, Young Hearts

Old surround themselves with fresh life,
fresh life comes to bask in the old.
Both encounter struggles and strife,
and are equally stubborn and bold.

Infatuation Saturation

The imagination couldn't fathom this saturation of infatuation.
Creating complete character contemplation.
Conquers the heart and invades the mind.
The closest thing to extinct, the only one of it's kind.

Ode to Silence

Dearest silence,
Simply a rare thing to find.
A reflection in a mirror,
a glimpse at peace of mind.
Please never fade away,
always remain crystal clear.
The closest thing to perfect,
and the greatest thing to fear.

My Old Friend

Hello my old friend, cunning fierce fox.
With fur of fire and eyes of ice.
The curious clock stops,
along with your white socks.
A piercing conversation without words,
gallant glances locked.
Our pulses raw and ringing.
My throat seizes singing.
The wind whistles in our ears,
but we dance to the sound of our breath.
Understanding of each others futile fears.
Equally quenched, and feverishly drenched,
in the worlds triumphant and tragic tears.

Rational Reasons, Realities, and Rhymes

It's becoming routine.
Our separation seems obscene.
Already missing my state of bliss,
and the unforgettable feeling of our kiss.
Who knew happiness was a state of mind?
A statement has been made - one of a kind.
Painting a smile of hope on my face,
one glance and our souls embrace.
Then once again we must part.
Our unjust realities fatal crime.
Left with irrational reasons and trivial rhymes.

Dreaded Night

The dreaded time of night,
I can feel my chest getting tight.
My room fills with darkness,
and the futile fears I never confess.
My demons begin to taunt and haunt me,
even though black is all my eyes can see.
My deceptive dreams soothe very rarely,
and give only a frivolous false sense of reality.

Malicious Mind

Scribbling on these parched paper lines.
Successively circling in my malicious mind,
a merciless maze keeping me confined.
Always five consecutive steps behind,
forever feverishly sprinting to the finish line.

Death stubbornly staring me in the face.
Life challenging with a persistent pace.
Thrilled and threatened by this crippling chase.
Sooner to simply vanish without a trace,
later hoping to realize gods unspoken grace.

Mixed Blessings

Real lustrous love we possess,
bursting with zeal and zest.
Numb nook nesting,
true triumph manifesting.
Sweater vests and all the best.
The magical mix being blessed.

  Conscious Contemplation

I felt my heart today.
Consistent, strong yet weak.
I heard it, rhythmic like a clock tick.
The invisible courageous culprit,
more powerful than life itself.
Every beat like a dominating drum,
the center that survives the sum.

I heard my breath today.
Consistent, deep yet light.
I felt it, warm, strong yet calm.
The invisible elemental air,
more real than eyes can see.
Every inhale and exhale precise,
listening to the conscious life.